its not about manufacturing the perfect family portrait. my absolute favourite photos of, not only my own children, but of my family, are the ones that weren't, say, planned. and this is what I'm about when capturing your family. 
yes, i will direct. and yes, i will work hard to ensure your kiddies are enjoying themselves. and yes, i will sometimes create a photo with a vision i have. 
BUT in all of the above, my aim is to capture the heartbeat of your tribe. 

thats really all i want to do. give you, what i myself treasure. imperfectly perfect photos that tell but a mere chapter in the story of your life.

here are a couple of my favourites > 

the Webb Family

>> IMPORTANT TO NOTE: i specialise specifically in newborn / family in home photography. Other locations are open to discussion :)  


because motherhood keeps me on my toes - and so that i can ensure that i can give my families my all - i only open up 15 sessions per year. 

feel free to check out my pricing here. or send me an email to chat about locking something in :)