Hello. Hi.


it’s been a loooong time since i’ve been here.

I feel overwhelmed at how much I have neglected this space, and how much catch up I need to play, the last I even batted an eyelid over here was August 2017 — I realised pretty quickly that I wasn’t as ready as I thought to get a camera back in hand and continue documenting families (one of my loves!)…and the next few months to follow were to be some of the biggest i’d face, i’m so glad I put down what needed to be put down to be where I needed to be and go through the motions of mummying a baby and a toddler, grieving the loss of my darling niece and beautiful nan, and growing yet another bubby in my belly, and birthing him, and adjusting to a family of five..

In the big scheme of things, being [WIFE &] MUM is and always will be my first duty over and above anything else. It is a joy (and lets admit wonderfully hard work) to serve my children, and while I have had my hands full (quite literally) I have still grabbed my camera to freeze some of the magic in our crazy wonderful mundane days together ha!… and I’m so excited to get a camera in my hand again and freeze some of the magic of family for you to treasure too!

sooo…. HELLO AGAIN! i’m so excited for this.

You can consider the below picture of my three, the fullstop on this post :) i’ll be back soon!

much love,