Hello. Hi.


it’s been a loooong time since i’ve been here.

I feel overwhelmed at how much I have neglected this space, and how much catch up I need to play, the last I even batted an eyelid over here was August 2017 — I realised pretty quickly that I wasn’t as ready as I thought to get a camera back in hand and continue documenting families (one of my loves!)…and the next few months to follow were to be some of the biggest i’d face, i’m so glad I put down what needed to be put down to be where I needed to be and go through the motions of mummying a baby and a toddler, grieving the loss of my darling niece and beautiful nan, and growing yet another bubby in my belly, and birthing him, and adjusting to a family of five..

In the big scheme of things, being [WIFE &] MUM is and always will be my first duty over and above anything else. It is a joy (and lets admit wonderfully hard work) to serve my children, and while I have had my hands full (quite literally) I have still grabbed my camera to freeze some of the magic in our crazy wonderful mundane days together ha!… and I’m so excited to get a camera in my hand again and freeze some of the magic of family for you to treasure too!

sooo…. HELLO AGAIN! i’m so excited for this.

You can consider the below picture of my three, the fullstop on this post :) i’ll be back soon!

much love,



oh my mummy heart is feeling all sorts with this big girl of mine sleeping in her BIG BED for the first time as i'm writing this... 

her first moments in her BIG BED! 


Mother's Day 2017

'This job [of motherhood] has been given to me to do. Therefore, it is a gift. Therefore, it is a privilege. Therefore, it is an offering I may make to God. Therefore, it is to be done gladly, if it is done for Him. Here, not somewhere else, I may learn God's way. In this job, not in some other, God looks for faithfulness'. - Elisabeth Elliot


she's TEW!

' how many are you turning? '


two years ago, I pulled you up into my arms for the very first time. it felt like a lifetime of waiting for that moment. and I was in disbelief that all chubby, squishy, cuddly, 10 pounds of you were in my arms. your daddy had tears streaming down his face and the biggest smile ever. I will never ever ever ever forget that moment, and every one of your birthdays is the sweetest reminder of it. 
and here you are, all of two years old and my heart is so full it might just burst. God has blessed us so much with the gift of you. your sparkle lights our world. I love you Sharli Grace, more than all the stars in the sky. Happy birthday my girl xxx


so balloons in bed first thing in the morning of her birthday is a tradition - we learnt she loves balloons from her first birthday ----> when she turned ONE!

also be kind.

Grandma once told me, whilst holding my 10 week old Sharli: 'be consistent, let your no be no, but also be kind'.

consistency is hard work. especially when your almost 2 year old is discovering her independence. 

kindness is hard work. especially when you're fed up with whinging.  

and ive been learning to choose what is worth saying 'no' to.

oh but the rewards of hard work are always good. and this morning was like a sweet joy in amongst all the consistency, no's, and kind discipline.


Ziah's Birth Story

and then a bear was born...
11th October 2016.

birth, the second time round, is so different to the first. 
i treasure these photos. because it all went so fast! before i knew it, i had my little bear in my arms. 

i never want to forget walking through my contractions, up and down the hospital halls, hand in hand with Phil

i never want to forget knowing that with each contraction i breathed through brought me closer to meeting my little man. 

oh that first moment i saw him. that i will never forget. that familiar feeling of pulling him up onto my chest and embracing all 8 pounds of him. 

i didn't know that i could love another, just as much as my first. that initial love, i won't ever forget. 

i never want to forget those first few hours together. just me and him. starring at him and smooching him. 

oh when Sharli first met her little brother. my heart skipped a beat, and i'll forever remember that. 

all the first cuddles. and second cuddles. and third... fourth... fifth...

that tiny nose. 

tiny lips. 

teeny fingers and toes.

its all too much for my mummy heart. 


Sharli's Birth Story

a koala was born. 
5th May 2015. 

i have never been more ready for anything than giving birth to my Sharli girl. she entered into our worlds ablaze in all her 10 pound, 5 ounce chubbiness. 


i'll never forget turning to Phil. tears streaming down his face. and the biggest smile. 
I'll never forget the moment i learned my baby was a GIRL. 
i'll never forget that feeling of relief.  
i'll never forget pulling her up onto my belly. the heart explosion. it was all too surreal. 
i'll never forget her newborn purple/pink/creamy newbornness. 
I'll never forget the colour of her hair. 
i'll never forget holding her, staring at her, unable to process it all. 
I'll never forget how unbelievably tired i felt. the exhaustion levels were at their all time high.
i'll never forget that first night with her, pulling her into bed beside me, cuddled up all spooned next to me and stroking tiny hairs on her head, down to her tiny tiny button nose and her round full cheeks. all i wanted to do was sleep. i needed to sleep. but i just couldn't believe she was there, lying next to me, and i couldn't stop staring at her. 
God had truly blessed me.