Sharli's Birth Story

a koala was born. 
5th May 2015. 

i have never been more ready for anything than giving birth to my Sharli girl. she entered into our worlds ablaze in all her 10 pound, 5 ounce chubbiness. 


i'll never forget turning to Phil. tears streaming down his face. and the biggest smile. 
I'll never forget the moment i learned my baby was a GIRL. 
i'll never forget that feeling of relief.  
i'll never forget pulling her up onto my belly. the heart explosion. it was all too surreal. 
i'll never forget her newborn purple/pink/creamy newbornness. 
I'll never forget the colour of her hair. 
i'll never forget holding her, staring at her, unable to process it all. 
I'll never forget how unbelievably tired i felt. the exhaustion levels were at their all time high.
i'll never forget that first night with her, pulling her into bed beside me, cuddled up all spooned next to me and stroking tiny hairs on her head, down to her tiny tiny button nose and her round full cheeks. all i wanted to do was sleep. i needed to sleep. but i just couldn't believe she was there, lying next to me, and i couldn't stop staring at her. 
God had truly blessed me.