Ziah's Birth Story

and then a bear was born...
11th October 2016.

birth, the second time round, is so different to the first. 
i treasure these photos. because it all went so fast! before i knew it, i had my little bear in my arms. 

i never want to forget walking through my contractions, up and down the hospital halls, hand in hand with Phil

i never want to forget knowing that with each contraction i breathed through brought me closer to meeting my little man. 

oh that first moment i saw him. that i will never forget. that familiar feeling of pulling him up onto my chest and embracing all 8 pounds of him. 

i didn't know that i could love another, just as much as my first. that initial love, i won't ever forget. 

i never want to forget those first few hours together. just me and him. starring at him and smooching him. 

oh when Sharli first met her little brother. my heart skipped a beat, and i'll forever remember that. 

all the first cuddles. and second cuddles. and third... fourth... fifth...

that tiny nose. 

tiny lips. 

teeny fingers and toes.

its all too much for my mummy heart.